Alcohol Addiction A Guide To Self Help Treatment & Rehab Centres

Alcohol Abuse & Its Ramifications

As per a report by NIAAA, ten Americans die every hour minutes due to alcohol consumption. Alcohol is a drink of the rich as well as the poor. For rich, it is mainly the symbol of class and status while for the poor it generally becomes an addiction. And this addiction mainly results either in health problems or death.

Therefore, people who commonly need help with alcohol addiction belong to the poor section of the society. Here, the help is a later concern. The primary issue is that these people don’t ever realize that they need help with alcohol addiction. And even if they realize, they resist accepting that the help. A very small fraction of people belonging to this category accepts that they have become addicted to alcohol and need help with the same. Now, the major concern is from where to get the required help?

Alcohol Addiction Self-help!

Well, firstly there’s the option of self-help. If you are an alcoholic and thinking of getting rid of your drinking habit, you need to be careful and honest with yourself during this first stage of treatment. If you practice self-control, you don’t even need to know about rest of the stages of treatment. Coming back to this, self-help demands undeterred determination. You need to set your goal and be clear about achieving it. When you need help with alcohol addiction, reach out to your family and friends for support and motivation. You can stop your drinking habit by changing your social circle as well. A healthy exercise routine would also help you get rid of alcohol addiction.

When you are on your path of self-recovery (when you need help with alcohol addiction), be prepared for a number of setbacks. There would be many temptations driving you back towards the drinking habit. There might also be severe withdrawal symptoms harming your body in the beginning. But be focused on the positive end result rather than getting worried about the negative present harm.

Visit a doctor

Now, if self-help didn’t yield any productive results, the next option in case you need help with alcohol addiction is to consult a doctor. Generally, people who need help in such cases straightaway head to a doctor rather than practicing any self-help methods. This stage normally comprises of medicinal treatment of the patients. The patient becomes dependent on medicines in order to get cured. But this does not mean no kind of self-help is required at this stage. If you are the patient of alcohol addiction, you require self-help in all the stages of treatment.

Get admitted To An Alcohol Rehab Center

Someone, whose condition does not get any better even after adopting the practices of these two stages and still requires help, then he/she gets left with only one option – Rehabilitation Centre. Getting admitted to a rehab and undergoing the treatment offered requires more determination than in the first stage. If you are the patient and need help with alcohol addiction, adopting what is offered in the rehab can yield you expected recovery results. The practices generally followed by the rehab centers involve medicinal treatment, regular exercise, healthy diet plan, controlled social circle without any negative influences, strict supervision of your daily routine and much more.

In some cases, in spite of going through all these three stages, the addiction to alcohol does not reduce. To avoid such situations, experts generally advise not to get indulged in the drinking habit at all. Don’t push yourself towards those circumstances where would need help with alcohol addiction. Be careful with your habits and stay healthy.