Alcohol Addiction Rehab Centers Inpatient Treatment Programs

If you or your loved one is suffering from an alcohol addiction, it is important to get the advice of either a doctor or counselor. A professional will acquaint you to your exact condition and the consequences you might have been ignoring all this while. Inpatient addiction centers offer the intensive therapy and tools required to combat the addiction situation. These centers help you not only to recover physically and mentally but also prepare the patient to lead a happy and productive life.

What are inpatient alcohol addiction rehab centers?

These centers provide you the help and support you require to get rid of your addiction. Following are some of the prime aspects of the inpatient addiction centers:

1: 24×7 care

The treatment programs offered by such centers require the patient to get admitted in the center. An around-the-clock care is provided to the patient. His every (legit) need is fulfilled by the staff personnel. The doctors and other healthcare professionals are always available to offer the required medical care.

2: 12-step and non-12-step support groups

These centers offer intensive therapy on a daily basis. Depending on the condition of the patients, they are provided treatment as per either of the 12-step or non-12-step support groups. The 12-step programs focus on the spiritual reliance on a higher power based on peer support and recovery advice. This generally includes the following kinds of treatment: Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA). On the other hand, some patients feel more comfortable with the non-12-step rehab treatment program as it doesn’t emphasize on a higher power for recovery and provide a more clear view of addiction as a disease.

3: Variations across inpatient alcohol addiction rehab centers

There are variations. Among different addiction centers.Some centers offer treatment programs as short as 30 days, while programs under the other treatment centers can last up to a year. On one hand, some centers don’t allow their patients to leave the premises of the center, on the other hand, some centers permit the patients to move out of the center for a limited time.

How to find the best inpatient alcohol addiction centers?

Different rehab centers offer different kinds of facilities. Even if the success rate of a particular center is commendable, it doesn’t ensure that a patient will get rid of his addiction. You have to look for several factors before settling on an addiction center. Following are some of the aspects you can consider:

  • Kinds of addictions a center treats

When you are looking for alcohol addiction centers, choose the one which primarily or solely caters the alcohol addiction rather than both the alcohol and substance abuse addiction. A center specifically dealing with alcohol addiction will deliver better recovery results.

  • Catering for specific group of individuals

Some centers cater specifically to some groups such as high-level executives, women or LGBT individuals. On the other hand, other centers provide treatment to a more diverse population. If you are looking for such specifically catering centers, you can settle for a residential treatment without any hesitation.

  • Kinds of accommodation offered

Though the setting of the accommodation doesn’t matter much, but it is important to feel comfortable in the new surroundings. While researching on the inpatient alcohol addiction centers, keep in mind whether the environment is pleasant and positive or not (since the patients are required to stay at such centers for a minimum period of 30 days).

It is noteworthy that the luxury addiction centers can sometimes be more like resorts offering best of the facilities to the patients. These offer a range of additional amenities such as a golf range, spa treatments and much more. Considering the affordability aspect, you might want to choose to get treated or admit your loved one in such a center.

  • Types of treatment offered

While you are researching on different inpatient addiction centers, consider the kind of treatment they provide. Most of such centers offer the individual and group therapy sessions as well as counseling. On the other hand, some centers focus on the individual therapy only. Therapeutic interventions are also available depending upon the center you go to. Also look for the treatment that can cover the co-occurring symptoms in the patient, if any.

  • Time factors applicable for rehabilitation

It is advisable to consider the amount of time you have to give at the rehabilitation. For instance, if a particular center has strict guidelines for the patients not to leave the center under any circumstances, you won’t be able to carry on with your daily work responsibilities. In case you want to engage with such responsibilities, research the inpatient alcohol addiction centers that permit the patients to leave the center premises for a certain period of time.

  • The cost to your insurance company

Generally, the cost of the inpatient treatment programs is higher in comparison to the outpatient treatment programs. This mainly depends upon the kind of treatment, location, amenities provided and length of the treatment program. Therefore, while researching for the suitable inpatient alcohol addiction centers, it is important to find out how much the treatment costs and the coverage your medical insurance policy can provide.

Privacy and confidentiality

Generally, such centers adhere to the privacy policy required by the law. Nobody, other than the doctors, medical staff, the person you allow and you yourself are provided the information of your treatment. In the case of privacy violations, heavy civil and criminal penalties including imprisonment and fine can be imposed upon the violator.

Executive alcohol addiction centers

While researching in relation to the inpatient alcohol addiction centers, you would definitely come across the term “executive addiction centers.” These centers allow a patient to maintain a regular presence at work while going through an inpatient treatment program. These provide a convenient solution with an option to simultaneously carry on with the responsibilities of a patient.

Luxury rehab addiction centers

These centers provide the world-class facilities to the patients similar to the amenities provided at a resort. The comfort of the patient is given due importance besides the therapy sessions. This helps in the faster recovery of the patient as he does not get stressed with the treatment provided. The amenities might range from housekeeping services to in-house massage therapy and from gym facilities to 5-star meals. The patient receives the treatment with pampering facilities to enjoy in such inpatient alcohol addiction centers.

Pillars of the treatment

You should also check which people are involved in the treatment of the addicted person. A center with the following professionals is best to consider:

  • Individual therapist
  • Family therapist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Internal Medicine physician
  • Addiction specialist
  • Dietitian

Each of the above-listed professionals plays a major role in the progress made by the patient, respectively. Besides these people, the most important part is played by the patient himself, depending upon his will and determination to stay at any of the inpatient alcohol addiction centers. His cooperation during the therapies provided is crucial. He also needs constant support from his family members, friends as well as colleagues.

All these elements work together to result in a successful recovery.