Alcohol Addiction & Rehab Treatment Helplines – What Do You Need To Know?

Alcohol addiction is a deleterious problem. It causes destructive effects on a person’s physical as well as mental health. Due to this, both his personal and professional lives suffer. But it is not limited to this personal damage, rather is referred to as a social menace as it disobeys the norms set by the society. So if you are concerned for someone dear who is under the effect of this addiction, you can take the aid of an alcohol addiction helpline.

What is an Alcohol Addiction Helpline?

Such helplines work specifically to provide assistance to those struggling with alcohol addiction. The primary goal of these helplines is to provide information related to alcohol de-addiction to the caller such as the methods involved, rehab centers related and similar details. The helpline representatives understand the situation of the alcoholic based on a number of questions they ask and provide support accordingly.

When should you call an Alcohol Addiction Helpline?

Before calling a helpline, it is advisable to go through an alcohol self-assessment test. Such tests are easily available online and comprise of questions related to an addict’s drinking habit. The result of the test would help you determine whether you really need support from a helpline or is your situation controllable.

Preparation before calling an Alcohol Addiction Helpline

If you are calling in relation to a loved one who is under the addiction effect, gathering the following information prior to calling would be a good idea:

  • How long has the victim been under the influence of addiction, the dosage, and frequency of intake?
  • Addict’s mental state or behavioral disorders or co-occurring symptoms, if any.
  • Details of the medical insurance, if the addict has any.

What kind of questions are asked by the Rehab Treatment helpline representatives?

The questions vary from one helpline to another. Though, there are some common questions which are asked over each helpline in order to better understand the alcoholic’s condition. Some of these common questions are listed below:

  • How long has been the person addicted to alcohol?
  • What are the traits that led to confirm addiction?
  • Is there any noticeable effect on the physical or mental health?
  • Is the person aware of his/her addiction?
  • Have you consulted any doctor in relation to this?
  • Is the addicted person willing to undergo a treatment?
  • What results do you expect from a rehabilitation program?
  • What kind of rehab center do you want to keep the addicted person in?

Is the information confidential over such helplines?

Usually, the information shared over these helplines is kept confidential. But the details might be forwarded in the case of some national helplines in order to conduct and evaluate national surveys.

In order to confirm the confidentiality aspect, you can ask the helpline representatives or read the helpline’s privacy policy.

Do all helplines offer the de-addiction treatment?

No, not all the helplines offer the alcohol treatment programs. Mainly, the helplines assist you in evaluating your situation better and what alternatives you can adopt to improve it. The details related to the treatment programs are mainly shared over the helplines of the private de-addiction or rehab centers.

What can you do to get the best results from an Alcohol Addiction & Rehab Helpline?

A helpline representative would only be able to help you if:

  • you provide honest details about the extent of alcohol abuse and the way it is affecting the addict
  • be clear about what your treatment goals are and ask questions in case of any doubts in relation to the information provided.