Christian Alcoholism Treatment & Addiction Centers

Christian alcoholism & Addiction treatment isn’t all that radically different from accepted medical and psychological practices of treating alcoholism. It does add another positive element to the recovery plan. How much faith plays in Christian alcoholism treatment depends upon the individual counselor or center. Faith may play a large part or a more minor role.

Christian alcoholism treatment depends upon clients being willing to be honest about their problems and being willing to be vulnerable. Clients must be willing to seek and receive help.

Christianity is based on the belief that humans cannot “”pull themselves up by their own bootstraps.”” They need assistance from a higher power. For Christians, that power resides in Jesus Christ. Jesus died to offer life and hope. Jesus was a healer. Christian alcoholism treatment bases treatment on the principle that God wants to heal and bring hope. But first, clients must admit they cannot find that healing on their own and that they need help.

Faith in Christ is the foundation for recovery from alcohol for those in Christian alcoholism treatment. Alcoholism, especially for those who claim to be Christians, brings enormous shame and guilt. One of the first steps in dealing with recovery in a Christian-based treatment program is to seek spiritual guidance and start healing the relationship between the patient and God.

Christian alcoholism treatment isn’t about offering a talisman or “”get out of jail free”” card. It does recognize that God offers another level of assistance for the alcoholic. Christian counselors realize that alcoholism is real and pervasive. They use a variety of methods, along with the faith component, to assist in Addiction recovery based on the needs of each client.

The recovery process involves counseling, both individual and group, as well as learning what the Bible has to say about mental well-being and how the clients can look to and ask for help and guidance from God. Part of Christian alcoholism treatment is recognizing that a relationship with Christ provides strength to help the alcoholic do what is not possible for the sufferer to do all alone. It is not a crutch so much as another element that helps the alcoholic make better choices.

With Christian alcoholism treatment, counseling is integrated with study of God’s Word on issues with which the clients struggle. Alcoholism doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Christian alcoholism treatment uses standard counseling techniques along with the faith component to help the clients deal with the underlying problems and situations that exacerbates the problem of alcohol consumption.

Christian alcoholism treatment counseling uses examples from Scripture to show that God loves and forgives. One example used is from Luke 15:11-32, which is the story of The Prodigal Son. Though the son turned his back on his father, when the son lost everything with bad choices, the father welcomed him back with a loving embrace.

Alcoholics need to know that someone cares and is there with love, forgiveness, healing and hope. Christian alcoholism treatment offers this by drawing the clients back into a relationship of faith with Jesus Christ.