Christian Drug Rehab & Addiction Treatment Centers Near You

Christian Drug Rehab & Addiction Treatment Centers Near You

Christian drug rehab centers are not much different from other centers that assist with addictions. The difference is that they are faith based, and look to a higher power for help. While other treatment programs look to whatever higher power an individual believes in, Christian programs depend upon Jesus Christ.

The scope of these programs includes treatment for heroin, methamphetamines, painkillers and any other drug that causes addiction, including alcohol. Programs may be set up for short stays to get the addict through detoxification, and then provide recurring visits for follow up and therapy. Other plans are longer term and the addict may stay for both detox and therapy. This may last for a matter of days, weeks or months. Some resident programs may last for years.

Most all of the programs provide medical assistance and therapy during detox. This ensures an addict gets free of the drugs in his system without having to suffer through uncomfortable and life- threatening withdrawals, which are common with serious addiction. In this case, doctors may provide other drugs to reduce the withdrawal symptoms.

A Christian drug rehab program typically involves individual and group therapy. Counselors, therapists and psychologists who are trained in addiction therapy conduct the sessions. Group sessions are held with other Christians and may include prayer therapy and Bible discussions. The group may pray for each other, and pray to be able to withstand the withdrawals. Most centers have a chapel or church available for services and for counseling with a member of the clergy.

A further aspect of the drug rehab programs deals with staying clean after coming clean. This is usually the hardest part for any addict. Christian drug rehab provides faith-based education to help the addict count on God to keep him sober. Additionally, it offers general living advice to help a user avoid situations that might lead back to using again.

The addiction programs are available for adults and teens. This helps to get teens away from their peers while they can focus on getting clean and new thinking. There are also programs for spouses and relatives that are similar to Al-Anon. They teach family members how to cope with the addict’s problem, as well as how not to enable the addict to continue with the drug abuse.

It is important for Christians and those around them to understand that they are no different from other people: They are still susceptible to addiction. In this kind of facility, Christians can renew their understanding of the Lord’s love for them. They can know that they are forgiven, and that they need not carry the guilt that typically goes with addiction, which usually makes it worse.