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Substance Abuse

Addiction is considered one of the most complicated areas of mental health. It can be difficult to treat and there are multiple approaches to deal with addiction. Many individuals suffering from the problem find psychological intervention available at addiction drug rehab helpful.

When does substance abuse become the addiction?

  • Increasing need to consume more of the substance to reach the desired altered state.
  • The addicts require more alcohol to feel high. They become increasingly tolerant towards alcohol and need more quantity.
  • They need alcohol or drugs throughout the day.
  • They gradually cut off social connections and are always looking for the company of other addicts.
  • They ignore or resent concern and disapproval of their loved ones.
  • They start avoiding their duties and fail to do their daily chores.
  • Intense withdrawal symptoms whenever there is an absence of alcohol and drugs.
  • Hiding the use of substance from friends and family.
  • Inability to quit.

How does an addiction drug rehab help?

Therapists at drug addiction rehabs work with the objective to help people overcome addiction. They set short-term goals that are achievable. The course of the treatment is such that the patient feels encouraged with the success and feels empowered to move ahead in the way to progress. Eventually, as the person achieves sobriety, the therapist works on the patient to develop adaptive skills to help them gain back emotional and physical health. The entire course of treatment depends on the problems which led the patient on the way to substance abuse. Once the therapist is able to figure out the real causes, he or she frames coping strategies for the patient and teaches them to employ those successfully. The patient and the therapist then start working together on long-term goals that include realizing guilt, accepting and meeting responsibilities and rebuild broken relationships.

It has been found that persons who make it to the addiction drug rehab centers are more successful in overcoming addiction and become successful in leading a normal healthy life. People who attend self-help groups also find therapy much useful. They find it as a supplemental support that strengthens their mind to face the difficulties. Special programs in addiction drug rehab are tailored to the needs of every patient and work in a planned and organized manner to help derive assured results.

Sometimes addicts avoid help as they fear legal consequences or the intervention of Child Protective Service when the addict is a parent. However, confidentiality is maintained by all addiction drug rehab. Privacy and confidentiality are also required by state and federal law.

Health problems due to substance addiction

Alcohol and drug abuse can have a fatal impact on health. The premature death of people suffering from addiction is very common. Heart and circulatory disorders, cirrhosis of the liver, cancer are commonly seen. Drug abuse can destroy the nervous system completely and impair an addict’s memory and hearing power. Due to the influence of a substance, they cannot think clearly and lose the power to make decisions. They become violent and easily get into fights. Drug abusers using injections can contract HIV, STDs, and hepatitis. Mental illnesses such as depression and mood swings are the result of drug and alcohol abuse. Death from overdose is not an exception.

When should a patient be admitted to an addiction drug rehab?

It can be extremely difficult for an addict to stop using drugs and alcohol abruptly. It can be fatal if done without medical intervention. The patient faces withdrawal effects such as vomiting, nausea, pain, hallucination, insomnia, mood swings, and other physical and mental problems. In some cases, it can be debilitating if not fatal. Medicines are administered to cope with the withdrawal symptoms. But when the dependence is so severe that withdrawal can become life threatening, inpatient detox program in an addiction drug rehab is necessary.