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Drug addiction is a ruinous issue, affecting not only the addict but his family members also. Families play a large and significant role in the recovery of an addict. A person who comes under the influence of addiction not only requires self-will and self-determination to recover but also the constant motivation and support from the family members. The care and love shown by the family members contribute greatly in the de-addiction of the patient at an addiction treatment center.

Besides this, the family members also need to take care of their own health and be motivated in order to lend their support. Following are the 10 tips that can help family members cope with the situation of someone who is addicted to drugs in the family. Take a look:

Learn everything about the addiction

Education in relation to addiction can provide drug addiction help for families. Either by using online research or the information given in addiction-related books can prove helpful. It is important for the families to be aware that addiction can be treated and conquered. This kind of education can give new hope to the families many addicts have recovered from the drug abuse by using rehab centers as well as getting help from their friends & families to overcome the dreaded hold of the addiction .

Also, rather than blaming the patient for getting addicted due to bad habits, education can help families to learn about the changes related to chemical reactions in the brain and electrical impulse alterations which sometimes are the cause of addiction. By this, the families can show more support towards the patient rather than being angry with him.

Develop connections with families going through the same situation

Dealing with an addict and the problems associated is not easy. There can be a number of instances in which the family members feel hopeless or curse the destiny for putting them in such a difficult situation.

In these circumstances, connecting with peers who are facing the same difficulties can provide moral support to the families. Going to meetings where a family meets another family undergoing the same situation and sharing experiences with each other can provide drug addiction help for families by catering to :

  • Improved quality of life
  • Better ways of dealing with the addict
  • Lowered stress level
  • Boosted psychological health
  • Mutual concern
  • Vanished feelings of isolation

Attend family therapy sessions

Sometimes, family members blame themselves for the drug addict’s condition. Because of this, they hesitate to speak in the open or discuss the distress they are going through. Such silence and blame game might not only hinder the addict’s recovery but also pushes the family into a feeling of disdain.

In such a situation, attending a family therapy program can prove fruitful. Such rehab & substance abuse programs are specifically designed making the family members let go the feeling of guilt and stress. Families are provided a hopeful and optimistic approach towards handling the whole situation better. Such sessions are sure to provide drug addiction help for families.

Eat together

In today’s modern and fast running world, almost everyone deals with a stressful or lonely day. And when it is particularly about an addicted person and his family, the stress levels and loneliness rise. In order to deal with such situations in a better way, preparing and eating meals together can provide drug addiction help for families. Even one meal together in every three to four days can show positive results.

Learn to manage expectations

As the treatment of the addicted person begins, the family gets a new hope. The initial recovery signs shown by the addict can make a family overwhelmed. This can further escalate the expectations of the family members and they might want fast results.

But sometimes, they have to get disappointed as the treatment might deliver late results or the addicted person might not be able to adjust socially even after the successful treatment. Here, the only drug addiction help for families is not to lose hope and confidence in the treatment as well as the patient.

Find personal joy

Expectations can be managed a lot easier by getting involved in activities that deliver personal joy. This is one of the kinds of drug addiction help for families where every member of the family should get indulged in activities such as:

  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Playing instruments
  • Playing with animals
  • Crafting
  • Dancing
  • Painting etc.

Such activities make the participant feel happy and rejuvenate him. These activities are sure to boost the mental health of each family member participating.

Exercise regularly

Getting regular exercise is advised to everyone irrespective of their age or state of health. Exercising daily can not only keep one fit but provide drug addiction help for families to deal better with the stress they face. It can reduce the anxiety and depression level and freshen up the mood.

As per a survey conducted by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 14% of people who exercised regularly were able to cope better with their stress levels in comparison to those who didn’t.

Maintain a fixed sleep/wake up schedule

Most of the family members dealing with the addiction issue struggle with reduced sleep or sleepless nights. This might happen due to the irregular hours of sleep. Regular sleep loss can be a cause for irritation as well as depression.

As per a report by the Harvard Medical School, people who sleep for less than 4.5 hours a night experience higher levels of stress, frustration, and mental exhaustion. Therefore, as per the suggestions for the drug addiction help for families, maintaining regular sleep schedule with fixed sleeping and waking up hours can be of prime help.

Private therapy sessions

Besides family therapy sessions, private sessions are also advised for drug addiction help for families. Talking one-to-one with an experienced counselor can open the healing doors for the mental damage family members of an addict go through. The counselors help the family members to overcome the situation by understanding their personal issues. These sessions are proven to provide successful results based on the stress-busting conversations.

These sessions usually comprise of a set format involving discussions, homework and much more. In such sessions, the family members can unload their stress and share openly about the problems they are going through. Anger management and better coordination with the addicted person are also a major part of such sessions.

Educate and advocate

Families of an addicted family member have to bear the attacking and hurtful comments of the society members. These comments can come from anyone including the relatives, friends, business associates or anyone else.

It’s hard to stay optimistic in such an accusing environment. Rather than staying silent and fuming, one of the biggest drug addiction help for families can be to speak about the knowledge they have gained from the personal research, drug abuse & treatment program, therapy sessions and support groups they are involved with. Educating and advocating the people about the ways to deal with addiction can not only make the family members feel confident but diminish the conventional thoughts prevailing in the society and aware everyone in relation to the changing aspects of addiction.

Family members dealing with addiction do not have to walk the path of struggle and recovery alone. Special support groups are formulated to provide drug addiction help for families.