Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab Cost – Is It Affordable For You?

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehab Cost – Is It Affordable For You?

Drug Rehab Cost -Is it affordable for you?

The crushing cost of drug rehab facilities is one of the main reasons why people feel that they cannot access the help they require. However, the cost doesn’t have to stop you from getting the help you need. If you think about how much you have already spent on maintaining your drug habit, then you might realize that the cost of the treatment is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. After all, the benefits of attending a drug rehabilitation facility can help you turn your life around. With that said, there are costs to think about before entering a drug rehab program.

Can It Be Affordable For You?

The price of a drug recovery program is a common concern for all those who are considering drug rehabilitation. The benefits of attending a drug rehab program make it worth the cost. After all, many people try to recover by themselves and end up not being able to. Addiction is a powerful thing and typically requires professional help due to all the related issues that must be addressed.

Costs vary between rehab centers. There are several factors that can determine the cost of a facility. A large difference in price comes from the actual accommodation. Shared accommodation is much cheaper than private accommodation, whilst luxury drug rehab facilities cost much more than your typical recovery center.

An outpatient program is cheaper than an inpatient program because there are more costs involved when the patient stays on site, such as 24-hour care, accommodation and meals. Regardless of your financial situation, rest assured that there is a program that you can attend to recover from drug addiction.

Payment Options For Drug Rehab


Many insurance companies offer coverage for drug rehab. The type of coverage varies and depends on your policy. If you are in need of a drug rehab program, then you may be surprised to find that your current insurance policy covers some, if not all, of the treatment costs. The factors that also determine whether a person is eligible for rehab cost coverage can include severity, length and type of addiction. If you have insurance, it is best to discuss your options and benefits.

The questions you should ask your insurance company include:

  • Does my insurance cover both inpatient and outpatient rehabs? If not, which one is my option?
  • Is this facility covered by my insurance?
  • How many days of drug rehab does my insurance plan cover?
  • What types of recovery treatments are covered?

Each of these questions should be answered before relying on insurance coverage for drug rehab. If you have insurance, we can help with medical coverage through our partners.


Nowadays, more rehab centers are providing patients with financing options that can help you with the overall cost. Drug rehab financing is comparable to a private loan, which allows you to come up with a payment plan to cover the costs after your treatment. While this option does not get rid of the cost of drug rehab, it does make it easier for you to receive the help that you require without worrying about paying the cost in one go. Interest rates are typically determined based on details of your case.


Some people choose to pay for their program in cash either by using upfront or per session. However, most people choose to use this option for outpatient treatments instead because they cost much less than inpatient ones. Paying per session can help people who are worried about the stress of paying off a loan in the future. If you are really low on money, you are better off looking for financing than funding. This is because those who pay per session may have to stop their treatment before completion if they run out of money.

Sell Your Things

You might be surprised to find out that you have some personal belongings that are of value. Whether it is jewelry, clothing, furniture, sports gear, art, music or other items, selling these items can help you raise money for your program. It can be difficult to sell something that means a lot to you. However, consider all the benefits of trading your belongings for your health and wellness.

If you have a few small pieces to sell then you might want to host a garage sale. Even if you might feel like you have nothing valuable, try selling items and watch the total amount add up at the end of the day.


Many addicts don’t realize that they have families and friends who love them and want nothing but the best for them. Friends and family members can help you pay for your drug addiction program. Aside from financial help, receiving support from your loved ones in this way can dramatically help your recovery by showing you how much support and love you have. Patients who have support are more successful at rehab than those who don’t.

Regardless of the financial options, if you are looking to change your life then you must be prepared to invest in your future. Any money that goes towards your recovery is a long-term investment that you can always be proud of.