Heroin Addiction Treatment & Rehab Centers Near You

Heroin Rehab

Choosing one of our drug rehab clinics for a heroin detox is highly recommended for anyone wishing to withdraw from it.  Heroin is extremely addictive and you will need a lot of help and support.

All our drug rehab clinics will help you to physically and mentally withdraw from this drug in safe and comfortable surroundings.  You should never attempt to withdraw from heroin without medical supervision as it can have many side effects, which is why you will have round the clock care at all of our heroin drug rehab clinics.  Some of the side effects from heroin withdrawal are not just physical.

There are psychological effects as well and we have counsellors and therapists on hand to give you their full support.  Our drug rehab clinics run treatment programmes with one to one counselling sessions as well as group therapy sessions.

Detox From Heroin

Prior to entering one of our heroin drug rehab clinics, you will be given a free and full assessment.  This will enable our experts to design a detox plan exclusively tailor-made just for you.  Our detox plans for heroin usually last 7-21 days, depending on the level of addiction.  You will be treated by private medical doctors who will prescribe medication that will ensure your heroin detox is safe and comfortable.  Your free assessment will take into consideration the amount of heroin you use, how you use it (i.e. injected or smoked) and other factors such as your diet and lifestyle.

Addiction to heroin can cause other physical health problems such as diet and general health. You will be given nutritional guidance for an ongoing healthy lifestyle after leaving our heroin detox centre.

Heroin Detox Programmes

All our heroin drug rehab clinics completely understand that taking the decision to withdraw from heroin can be daunting and scary for some people.  You can be assured that with the help and support of our medical team, counsellors and therapists that withdrawing from heroin is achievable and you can be successful in kicking heroin for good.  Many of our staff at our heroin drug rehab clinics are former addicts themselves.

They have first-hand knowledge of heroin addiction, the effects it can have on you and your loved ones and how heroin withdrawal can work. They have stood in your shoes and are now living heroin free lives.

If you or someone you care about has an addiction to heroin, please give us a call and let one of our heroin drug rehab clinics give you the help and treatment you need.