What Can I expect From a Drug Rehab Center ?

What Can I expect From a Drug Rehab Center ?

What Can I expect From a Drug Rehab Clinic?

Drug Rehab clinics offer perfect sanctuary, and an excellent place for recovery for those people wishing to confront their drug addiction issues. Professional counsellors based in drug rehabs often find there is a fundamental misconception in the community about the dynamics of helping an individual through addiction. It is often assumed that it is merely a matter of keeping the addict away from drugs for long enough and, if they are willing to overcome their demons, they can return to their previous life. Unfortunately, in the majority of acute cases there are other factors other than the drug itself which has to be taken into account in order for rehabilitation to have a positive effect.

A Drug Rehab Clinic creates a new environment for the patient

People addicted to drugs or alcohol will have taken on much more than the drugs themselves – if the problem is really acute it is highly likely that the environment they are living within is a drug culture. In this environment drugs can be seen as currency –just part of normal every day life. It is an environment where drugs are God and they are always the final goal. They are taken habitually and as a matter of routine. To decide not to take drugs would often be seen as unconventional to friends of the addict. Temptation for the individual trying to come off drugs in this kind of arena would be almost virtually impossible.

This, in essence, is one of the reasons why drug rehab clinic can be so positive in enabling the patient to confront their addiction. They transport the addict away from their everyday life – it is imperative for enabling the patient to sever themselves not only from the substance itself but the environment that nurtures it.

Many people do not like the idea of being admitted to drug rehab and would prefer to go cold turkey at home. This can work if their case is not too severe but most importantly they are having close supervision from a medical person and from a drug addiction counsellor. They will have to confront the issue of returning back to an old way of life where they do not have the same “props” or the same “recreational” substances of their friends around them. The rehab situation is more effective because you really can explore another environment where there are no drugs at all.

What will a drug rehab clinic be like?

Professionals at a good will be well aware of how fragile and drug rehab clinic potentially vulnerable the patient will be when first admitted. Think of location when you are considering which centre you will be admitted to. The further away you are from your former environment the better. This is obviously going to create a certain amount of isolation and perhaps loneliness at first but don’t worry you will be immediately met by a overwhelming sense of safety and friendly approachable staff.

You are likely to find the staff are qualified counsellors – astute and empathetic when it comes to knowing exactly how you are feeling and what stage you are at. There will also be staff who have been through exactly what you are going through now. That is probably the best knowledge and experience you can ask for. Together with trained listening and caring skills this inner insight is invaluable. Then there are the other residents as well. You will hear wise words from addicts who have been through it all, are now clean, and want to pass on their experiences to those struggling for the first time. And there are the patients who are in exactly the same position as you are. Struggling, perhaps a little frightened, maybe angry, maybe deep inside yearning to return to old habits. This is where strong bonds are made for the future. This is often where people meet friends for life.

Settling into new routines

It is highly likely your way of life before entering the drug rehab clinic will have become very confused – perhaps very much at one with an everyday way of life. The rehab unit will attempt to replace those old positive routines and attempt to help you nurture new schedules that you have chosen – instead of the drugs controlling how you live. Professional staff will help you follow regular routines of eating, sleeping and cleaning. After admission you will be assigned your own Addiction counsellor. It will be trust that will grow and through this support that a new drug-free life can be contemplated.

It maybe, that the first issue when you enter the rehab clinic is Detoxification or detox. For most drugs, including alcohol, it will take 3-10 days and it will have the effect of preparing the body for rehabilitation. In some rare cases, as with Benzodiazepines, Post Acute Withdrawals (which is also known as PAWS) can complicate the situation and a detoxification period of up to 12 weeks may be necessary.